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SORN Registration

By making a SORN registration you are declaring that the vehicle will no longer be in use.

After SORN the vehicle must remain off public roads and only kept in a garage, on a drive or on private land. To end SORN simply re-tax your vehicle.

SORN Register Services

An uncomplicated process which collects the correct information to register your vehicle as SORN.

  • This application guides you through the correct DVLA documentation for your vehicle to achieve immediate SORN status.
  • If for any reason you do not provide all the correct information you will receive an e mail explaining what and where to find this prior to us completing your SORN registration.
  • Information is used only to process your SORN Application, no vehicle or personal information is retained beyond the registration by this Web service.
  • You will be advised by e mail when the SORN registration has been submitted to DVLA.
  • Your use of, and obligations of use for is available in our Terms and Conditions, Terms of Sale, and Privacy Statement.

Terms of Use and Disclaimer

This is an independent professional service not connected to DVLA or GOV.UK. By using this SORN service you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions and Terms of Sale. SORN is a free service for vehicle owners on the DVLA website without having to contract an independent professional service. The services as stated above at - SORN Register Services - are charged for and payable on completion of the form on this website. By completing payment, you have agreed to contract this service. You should not proceed if you are unwilling to pay for these services.